ICT Workshop in Lusaka to work on an ICT Strategic Plan for NAZ


In January 2017 the cooperation between the National Assembly of Zambia and the Austrian Parliament started within the framework of the NorthSouthDialogue of Parliaments. The central points of the cooperation and the work program were jointly agreed upon in the course of 2016. All activities have been prepared taking into account the overall strategy of the Zambian Parliament for the years 2015 to 2019 and are intended to contribute to the realization of the vision of the NAZ: "To be a model legislature for democracy and good governance".

One focus is ​​ICT (Information and Communication Technology). The existing structures and resources of the Zambian parliament are a good starting point, but they do not meet the growing demands and needs of the daily work routine of a modern parliament. There is still the need to develop both in terms of internal data transmission and the flow of information, as well as in terms of communication with the people and opportunities for citizens' active participation in parliamentary processes.

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Educational programme for children and youth in Zambia


The second focus of the NorthSouthDialogue of Parliaments and the partnership between the Austrian Parliament and the National Assembly of Zambia is public relations. The specific aim is to improve the information of Zambian citizens about their role, rights and tasks in the democratic process.

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Realizing Education's Promise

The World Development Report 2018 focuses on education and analyzes in detail the relationships between education and development, both at an individual and societal level. Education is the prerequisite for productivity, innovation, self-determination and social cohesion. However, enrollment rates provide only limited information about education. The decisive factor is their content and quality.

"This learning crisis is a moral crisis. When delivered well, education cures a host of societal ills. For individuals, it promotes employment, earnings, health, and poverty reduction. For societies, it spurs innovation, strengthens institutions, and fosters social cohesion." (WDR, 2018).

Parliamentary Cooperation

Austrian Parliament - National Assembly of Zambia


SDG Watch Austria

SDG Watch Austria is a plattform of civil society organisations supporting the implementation of the SDGs.

NEWS: Global Education Monitoring Report 2017/18

The UNESCO Report is a mechanism for monitoring on SDG 4 and on education in the other SDGs’ with the responsibility to "report on the implementation of national and international strategies to help hold all relevant partners to account for their commitments."

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