Inventory regarding SDG 4 in Austria

The starting point and the prerequisite for the development of measures and activities with regard to the implementation of the Agenda 2030 is the establishment of the status quo with regard to individual objectives in specific country contexts. In Austria, a number of civil society and developmental organizations are calling for a "structured, complete and publicized inventory" as well as a "systematic gap analysis" in order to be able to implement the Sustainable Development Goals effectively (AG GV, KOO, Ökobüro).

Within the framework of the NorthSouthDialogue of Parliaments and the new partnership between the Zambian and Austrian Parliament, a Joint Parliamentary Peer Group is working on the objectives and the implementation of SDG 4 "Ensuring equal and high quality education and fostering opportunities for lifelong learning for all". At a Round Table in June this year, Univ. Prof. Dr. Gottfried Biewer, Director of the Institute for Educational Science at the University of Vienna, presented a detailed "inventory on the implementation of the SDG 4 in Austria", in which he deals with both the achievements and the gaps in SDG 4 in the Austrian education system.

A.o. Prof. Biewer states a necessary focus on support for children and adolescents with a migration background and poverty proneness [...]. Appropriate suggestions for structural change measures were discussed at the Round Table by experts from the fields of politics, administration, science and civil society. Within the framework of the PNSD, individual proposals are now being pursued.

Zambian Delegation in Austria

From 7th to 13th of May 2017 a delegation of Zambian MPs visited Austria to formally establish the Joint Parliamentary Peer Group, but also to get information about the Austrian dual education system.


Round Table on SDG 4


On the 22nd of June a discussion in the Austrian Parliament centered around the status of implementation and corresponding challenges with regard to SDG 4 in Austria. 

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