Better communication with the people through ICT - working visit of a Mozambican MP delegation

From May 18th to 25th representatives of the Committee on Social Affairs, Women's Affairs and Public Communication of the Assembleia da República visited the two partner parliaments in Portugal and Austria. The aim of the delegation visit was to obtain an overview of the benefits and challenges of ICT tools used to improve public participation in the parliamentary process in both countries.

Questions relating to the necessary internal organizational processes to include such tools in the parliamentary routine were addressed, i.e. what requirements and resources are necessary to implement and use such tools (financial, hardware, software, maintenance, human resources). Also, an analysis of how ICT can contribute to a change in parliamentary practice and facilitates the accountability of MPs was undertaken.

Resulting from the interesting exchanges and many discussions the Mozambican delegation was aware that before the implementation of ICT tools the IT infrastructure must be consolidated first. It is of particular importance to ensure sufficient funds and human resources for maintenance. The delegation will present the findings of the visit to the President of the Assembleia, Veronica Macamo, together with a report summarizing recommendations for next steps. Based on it, further activities will be defined.

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