Two events on Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development


In recent years, various economic and ecological crises have had severe negative impact on the lives of people worldwide. The consequences of those crises pose challenges that can only be addressed through sustainable, harmonized and impactful policies on international and national levels. In this regard, incoherent policies adversely affect development in, both partner countries in the global South and donor countries themselves. While in the global South, the economic and social costs of incoherent policies often affect the poorest in the country, in donor countries, incoherent policies create costly inefficiencies. Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development (PCSD) seeks to meet those challenges comprehensively as it addresses crucial interdependencies of various policy fields.

On December the 10th, an international panel of different experts discussed challenges and opportuniert of Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development. Efforts to eradicate poverty, minimise inequalities, adhere to human rights agendas and implement sound environmental and climate strategies are directly connected with questions pertaining to policy coherence.

In a morning Rount Table as well as in an evening Panel Discussion, the discustants gave inputs and perspectives from Zambia, the European Union level, the OECD, Finland as well as from Parliament, ministries and civil society in Austria. In both events, the potentials and benefits of coherent policies for sustainable development were underlined and ways discussed on how to better exercise the responsibility to make policies more coherent for a sustainable development that benefits countries in the South and North. 




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